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User Interface Design

Point of Contact

Ben G.


2 Weeks

Full Case Study Coming Soon

Halfords is one of the most popular providers in the UK for providing motoring and cycling products. The opportunity emerged from LinkedIn, when I was contacted by a recruitment agency asking if I would like the opportunity to take a short-term contract within Halford’s Redditch headquarters working on some new interface designs.

The role consisted of annotated wireframes and high fidelity mockups, these pages would be used to portray key information for legislations, product comparisons and generic content pages. It was paramount that brand guidelines were followed, this started with the typefaces and sizing.

High Fidelity

After finalising the annotated wireframes I moved onto the high fidelity mockups, however my short-term contract was nearing a close therefore I didn’t get the opportunity to see these mockups through to development. I’m not sure what the outcome or decisions are or will be.